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[Online Shopping Experience-Malaysia]: MOL Pay Cash x Hermo Beauty Website


MOLPay Cash – 7-Eleven (马来西亚)东南亚领先的支付解决方案提供商,为创新的支付选项。消费者可以在最近的7-Eleven便利店为他们在网上购买的物品付现金,在巴生谷所选的7-Eleven便利店,与即将更多的商店加盟。

MOLPay Cash – 7-Eleven (Malaysia) Southeast Asia’s leading payment solution provider for innovative payment options. Consumers can pay for their online purchases at the recent 7-Eleven convenience store, the feature – MOLPay Cash will be available at selected 7-eleven stores in Klang Valley, and more stores joining soon.

MOLPay CASH – 是对于一些消费者没有银行帐户或信用卡来一个以现金方便的付款方式。因为7-11店到处都是,消费者可以选择在这一天,7天24小时的任何时间内支付现金很方便及容易使用。至于商户,便利=也得到更多的销售!

MOLPay CASH – is a convenient way for some consumers to pay by cash without a bank account or credit card. Because 7-11 stores are everywhere, consumers can choose to pay cash on this day, 7 days 24 hours at any time is convenient and easy to use. As for the business, convenience = also get more sales!


In participating online merchant sites, consumers can choose to pay using MOLPay to pay page MOLPay cash options. The transaction code and the verification code will be used to generate the cash spent in the nearest 7-Eleven.

介绍完了MOLPay Cash, 开始要介绍Hermo Beauty 新马美容网站。
Hermo Beauty Malaysia
Hermo Beauty Singapore


Hermo Beauty - 集合了所有美容产品,让你追求美丽以及对爱美渴望的地方。只要通过一个Hermo巨大的网上化妆品店,就能够提供您最喜爱的美容产品,成千上万的马来西亚及新加坡各地的人都使用Hermo网站购买美容产品,会发现Hermo所提供的美容产品价格都会很好的价格,让每个人都能尝试最时尚的美丽,并分享自己的美容秘诀。

Hermo Beauty – a collection of all beauty products, for you pursue beauty and beauty of the desire to place. As long as through a huge Hermo online cosmetics store, will be able to provide your favorite beauty products, thousands of Malaysia and Singapore people around use of Hermo website to buy beauty products, will find Hermo beauty products will be great price, so that everyone can try the most fashionable beauty, and share their beauty tips.


Hermo works with brand and distributor partners to carry the brand flagship store in Hermo. Providing 100% original guarantee, but also between the brand and the promotion of the consumer!

如何使用Hermo网站购买喜欢的美容产品及使用MOLPay Cash – 7 Eleven 付费现金呢?

How to use Hermo website to buy your favorite beauty products and use MOLPay Cash – 7 Eleven to make payment for the order?

Steps One (1): Create an account at Hermos Website


Once you’ve created your account, start buying your favorite products

Steps Two (2): Make Payment


点击打勾☑️”人工转接“,点击“check out”,接着点击“现在付款”
Click/Tick “Manual Transfer”, Click “Check Out” button, then click again “Make Payment Now”button


Steps Three (3): Payment Options


Click the button “Payment Option”, then choose “7-eleven”

步骤四 (4): 付款确认
Steps Four (4): Payment Confirmation


Click the Button “Proceed”

步骤五 (5):支付请求成功
Steps Five (5):Payment request successful


Successfully completed all the steps, now only need to screenshot or use mobile phone photographed this payment “purple circle” bar code, and then to the nearby 7-eleven make payment.

It is very easy and convenience, and you do not be afraid to forget to pay card fees, with cash to buy your favorite products.

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