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Nicole is a very simple girl. She loves photoshoot greatly and has vast experiences working with different photographers from both Malaysia and Singapore. She can do her own makeup and hair and she does them with great effort. She usually spends more than two hours to get prepared for photoshoot, and not many female models have such patience. Needless to say, for morning shoot right after sunrise, she has to get up very early. It was easy to work with her because of her simplicity and innocence. I got to tease her every now and then without worries of her being pissed off. She did her homework before the shoot. She was also ready to sit or kneel down on the hard ground. She was definitely nice to work with me when she knew I was still feeling uncomfortable with my full set of new gears and especially, I was just beginning to work with off camera speedlite (flash). At the time of shooting, she was just staying next block to my flat. - 26 June, 2013
Skai Chan Photography

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