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[Online Shopping Experience-Malaysia]: MOL Pay Cash x Hermo Beauty Website

MOLPay Cash – 7-Eleven (马来西亚)东南亚领先的支付解决方案提供商,为创新的支付选项。消费者可以在最近的7-Eleven便利店为他们在网上购买的物品付现金,在巴生谷所选的7-Eleven便利店,与即将更多的商店加盟。 MOLPay Cash – 7-Eleven (Malaysia) Southeast Asia’s leading payment solution provider for innovative payment options. Consumers can pay for their online purchases at the recent 7-Eleven convenience store, the feature – MOLPay Cash will be available at selected 7-eleven stores in

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[Beauty Announcement]: Collaborate with The Covets

今天,我非常的高兴及兴奋的宣布,我终于有这份荣幸能与theCovets一起合作。 Today, I am very pleased and excited to announce that I finally had the privilege to collaborate with theCovets. 什么是The Covets? The Covets – 马来西亚的第一个美容网络平台。是一家呼唤爱美的女性以及激发所有女人对美的追求及渴望。 想了解更多关于它们的网站,以及了解更多信息可以点击以下, THE COVETS 网站 THE COVETS instagram THE COVETS 面子书专业 What is The Covets? The Covets – Malaysia’s first

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DIY 可爱圆点指甲

趁着空档的时间,自己动手做指甲,D.I.Y 可爱圆点的指甲。 准备的材料有:   指甲油 (打底,红色,白色) 指甲贴 指甲剪 夹子 磨光板 点缀棒 2,380 total views, no views today

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