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[Online Shopping Experience-Malaysia]: MOL Pay Cash x Hermo Beauty Website

MOLPay Cash – 7-Eleven (马来西亚)东南亚领先的支付解决方案提供商,为创新的支付选项。消费者可以在最近的7-Eleven便利店为他们在网上购买的物品付现金,在巴生谷所选的7-Eleven便利店,与即将更多的商店加盟。 MOLPay Cash – 7-Eleven (Malaysia) Southeast Asia’s leading payment solution provider for innovative payment options. Consumers can pay for their online purchases at the recent 7-Eleven convenience store, the feature – MOLPay Cash will be available at selected 7-eleven stores in

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[Beauty Announcement]: Collaborate with The Covets

今天,我非常的高兴及兴奋的宣布,我终于有这份荣幸能与theCovets一起合作。 Today, I am very pleased and excited to announce that I finally had the privilege to collaborate with theCovets. 什么是The Covets? The Covets – 马来西亚的第一个美容网络平台。是一家呼唤爱美的女性以及激发所有女人对美的追求及渴望。 想了解更多关于它们的网站,以及了解更多信息可以点击以下, THE COVETS 网站 THE COVETS instagram THE COVETS 面子书专业 What is The Covets? The Covets – Malaysia’s first

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27 ideas for a healthier breakfast

27 Ideas for a Healthier Breakfast

  Do you know what the first important things in our life are when you wake up from your bed? The first important thing you have to do is to ‘EAT BREAKFAST‘ every day, without exception.  This is the one of action alone can make a huge, positive difference

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  来自:柳燕老師的美肌日记 地瓜,所含纤维质松软易消化助排便。 黄瓜,可抑制糖类物质转化为脂肪,丰富纤维素助肠蠕动、加快排泄。 莲藕,利尿能促进体内废物快速排出借此净化血液。 红豆,增加肠胃蠕动,减少便秘促进排尿。 绿豆,常食能帮助排泄体内毒素,促进机体的正常代谢。 白萝卜,促进新陈代谢和体内毒素的排出,生萝卜排毒优于熟食。 黑木耳,含植物胶质可将在人体消化系统的灰尘杂质集中吸附再排出。 胡萝卜,含有丰富的胡萝卜素及维生素A和果胶,加速体内汞离子的排出。 柠檬,含丰富的维生素C可协助排出体内有毒物质。 优酪乳,有助减少黑色素形成达到美肌。 4,601 total views, no views today

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